Welcome to the Contemporary Art By Suruchi Jamkar

Suruchi Andhare-Jamkar is an Indian born artist and alumni from the prestigious Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai and a Post Graduate in Creative Painting from Lalit Kala Vibhag, Nagpur, India. Since 1999, she has captivated her audience and art lovers with her style of paintings. 

The creative thoughts in her artistic mind portrayed on canvas with such simplicity are her  signature style. Her originality and distinctive style creates an instant connect with her paintings. The mesmerizing aura of her works has been acknowledged and appreciated in all leading art magazines and various media as ‘paintings to live with’

Her paintings depict the artist’s journey and explorations into our consciousness and tryst with life. Her paintings embody images from the external world as well as real and surreal impressions and expressions from the mysterious realms of human imagination. Born in 1980, she has established herself at a very early age with patrons all across the globe.

Paintings By Price

The imagery in Suruchi’s paintings involves ‘Girl with a turban’ , ‘Reclining figures under the starlit skies’, ‘ friends playing a game of marbles’ , ‘sculptures from ancient temples’ and numerous creative portraits of vibrant women.

The use of earthen monochromatic colours at times fusing with the vibrant bright ones and her unique style which is very narrative and appealing, it conveys her story most eloquently. Dry brushing and at times thick knife application of oil paints gives a convincing depth and vibrancy to her works.
These techniques have helped her create the feeling of languorous comfort and easy pace, away from the rush of the rat race outside.

“The game of marbles takes me back to my childhood memories of lazy and quaint afternoons spent
with friends, the focus being the small orbs filled with colour and fun. It emphasizes on the little
pleasures in life” says Suruchi.

The girl in a turban symbolizes a strong and yet sensitive woman who takes on life at her own terms, this painting shows how our minds are perpetually weaving thoughts and how you find that your thoughts actually become you.

What Others Are Saying?

I am always drawn to art that makes me feel emotional yet joyous, that I feel a deep connection with, a reminder of a feeling or a moment from the past or of a hope, a dream in the future. Suruchi's work does that for me.
- Gauri Shinde
Suruchi’s paintings make me feel happy! I believe that if she keeps the paint talking she will succeed and go a long way
- Nafisa Ali
We have collected Suruchi’s work from her early days. Unlike other artists who, once they arrive at their signature style, don’t like to change, Suruchi has evolved. From carefree and effervescent pictures of a child girl’s romp, through a searching hesitant step of a young woman into a rugged unknown landscape, she strides today with the potency of maturity. Her young girl is transformed into a complete woman, who looks back at you, straight back. There is strength in that look and an inner calm. Her work tells the story of a journey along a long private road; and it’s a tale that fascinates.
- Adv S. G. Aney
Suruchi’s world has a mystique of its own. She is an ever vigilant painter who keeps storing all impressions of what she comes across. She has a unique view of her own. It is a journey of thousands of years that she has so efficiently spread on canvas…which has no boundaries
- Sudhir Tailang, Asian Age

SEEN ON - Channel V

The wild spirit of Suruchi was captured by none other than Channel V and telecast on their show ‘Style People’.


Suruchi has been awarded for her great art at multiple times. Dolly Kresettjee award of 2001, Rotary Club Award of 2001Nehru Cultural Award of 1996, Camlin Award of 1995 are a few to name.

Live Painting Shows

She painted live in a ‘jugalbandhi’ with vocal artists in an Indian classical music event titled Barse Rang Malhar, in 2008 to an audience of over a thousand. In 2011 Suruchi painted Live in front of an audience of a Lac in harmony with Classical Vocal artists and dancers in an event called Lay Tarang , organized by Art of Living